Pod Construction

The Modulor bathroom pod is formed based on the principle of a box or room combining components of a fabricated floor slab, wall and ceiling panels.
Pod Floor
The pod floor is made with a 70mm minimum thickness finishes. Pod floor concrete thickness may vary depending on the final layout and span size.
Wall Construction
Wall construction is formed through a sub-frame made out of a cold-rolled galvanised steel in c-section stud and is readied for internal finishes through application of a moisture resistant gypsum plaster/cement board which is aligned internally to form a rigid wall. A machine operated roll forming c-section stud form each section with precision following specific requirements with regard to notches, swage, rivet punches and counter sinks.This processs eliminates any wastages incurring from a traditional on-site gypsum board standard.
Ceiling Construction
The pod ceiling is constructed as a single-paneled steel sub-frame aligned internally with a gypsum plaster/cement board. External finishes are made by taping/filling joints and painting.
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