Delivery, Installation, Snagging Process and Handover

Pods are delivered by trailer, we have 6 custom made trailers to handle larger size pods. Working together with the client a delivery schedule will be agreed to meet the site programme requirements and allow for just in time supply of pods thereby minimizing on site storage.
There are several methods available to install the pods into the building, depending on the size and height of the receiving structure, the most common of which being via crane lift. Our team will work together with the project team to discuss the options and establish the both the best method and the best route to install the pods.
Modulor are able to supply custom made and certified lifting frames and other solutions to suit the job requirements.
Once the pod is inside the building it can be moved on wheels to the final location where our surveyor will check the level and exact position. Shims will be used to ensure that the finished floor level of the pod matches the finished floor level of the building.
Snagging Process & Handover
Upon arrival of the Pod in site, a joint inspection is conducted by the Client and Modulor Representative. Should any damages be noted, it will be recorded on a Delivery Note. The Pod then set up at a specified location and rectification would be made for any transport damages. Snagging procedure would be made thereafter with the Client and Modulor representative in attendance. After which, a turnover would be made.
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